311 Jefferson St
Brooklyn, NY 11237-2201

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While it's true that there are bed-bugs in 1R the landlord HAS responded and there is an exterminator coming regularly. The post below is incorrect.

1R has bed bugs....landlord ignores the requests for extermination.

This building has had bed bugs since AT LEAST 2007, when I first reported an infestation on the top floor.

The landlord has known about the infestation, and despite numerous attempts to let him know the severity of the out break (every single floor had isues because I went around the building asking people if they were getting bit and they said yes) he only sent a man with a small spray can to do the entire house.

The infestation in the building his really bad. I was getting upwards of 2

5 bites a night.

see full report...

I had been getting bites on my legs for months - but couldn't find any bugs or traces. Then this last week I started finding at least 5-10 bugs per day - on the mattress, on my sheets, on my pillows, on the bed frame. The landlord is being helpful and arranging a pest control guy to come in and spray our bed.

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