293 Jefferson St
Brooklyn, NY 11237-2201

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Landlord is horrible. After sending his awful exterminator twice, who did an extremely incompetent job in trying to remove a serious bed bug problem, landlord then agreed for us to find a specialist that he will pay for. After months gone by after having the correct extermination process, we receive a phone call that the bill is in collection and he had no intention of paying it. Now landlord is trying to withhold our entire (2 months) security deposit after agreeing to us moving out two months

early. Bed bugs are huge problem in the building and landlord will try to profit in any way possible. Additionally, we had mice. If you ever have any agreement with Mr. Schwimmer, please get it in writing. Also, the entire management at "Jefferson Plaza LLC" is unprofessional, incompetent, and uneducated.

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I had bed bugs here in Apartment 2L in 2008 apparently so did the last two tenants.

There are bed bugs in two known apartments in the building. Both units have been exterminated at least three times, the landlord has been reported to the city and ticketed, but usually takes a month or two to respond to any requests to fix the problem.

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