52 Wilson Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11237-2152

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Back in July of last year we were infested with a bedbug problem. The landlords Catholic Charities sent a guy over to treat the apartments and to take care of the problem, well it lasted a few weeks and then it got out of control, more & more peoeple were complaining and the more people complained the less action they took.

I was forced to throw out my sectional sofa and my mattress, and purchase a new one. In all, it costed me over $2500 to get rid of them in my apartment alone. Not only th

e monetary value that I spent but the mental aspect it hass taken on me and my family, It has been almost 6 months since the last time I have been bitten by a bedbug but I am still worried about getting bitten once again, which is the case with some of my neighbors.

During the time of infestation, I had placed my clothes in bags, after washing them in hot water, and I still use them to this day.
I can't bring myself to put clothes or anything in my drawers anymore.
I have managed to keep them from returning to my apartment because my apartment is constantly being sprayed and pwder being used by myself,

I still can't bring myself not to do this each and every single night,
They are in random apartments on most of the floors of the building. It is a common occurence to see mattresses in the trash, which is often a clear sign that there are bedbugs and peoeple are afraid to complain.
I would not recommend that anyone move into this place or any of the Chatolic Charities residences for that matter, even if the rent seems reasonable. The city should crack down on these people and get them to act. I hope that one of them brings the bedbug problem home so they can see what it is like.

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