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kayla i live in the building already for 2 yrs. only 1 apt had this problem what it seems is that the tenants moved in from a differnt building which had the problem but we live on the 3rd flr. and we didnt have any bedbugs and i also checked with the tenants on the fourth flr. and they also never had any problems so its probably becuase people bringing in furnture from other buildings or just by buying old furnture can make this problem so again i live here 2 yrs already no problems at all

Since January of 2011 my roommates and myself have been actively taking steps to rid our apartment (and possibly the entire building) of a bed bug infestation. Me and my roommates have taken a number of steps to remedy the situation including, throwing out most of our bedding, killing bugs we’ve seen, regularly washing clothes and coordinating four visits from an exterminator provided by the management company. None of these efforts have been successful. As of late, I have been getting bit abo

ut ten times per week. This, along with a look at reports from years past, leads me to believe that the entire building is infested and has been for quite some time.

t seems like the exterminator they are sending is providing a quick fix to isolated apartments but this is just leading the bugs to move throughout the building. As of late, I have noticed an increasing number of furniture items and clothing in the garbage out front of the apartment. This leads me to believe, as a previous entry noted, that the infestation building-wide. It seems clear that the management needs to hire a professional, more effective exterminator to treat the entire building. However my experience with them and their general unresponsiveness to my complaints leads me to assume that getting the management to agree to pay for a professional exterminator highly unlikely. I think they would avoid it for obvious cost reasons and because the tenant turnover rate is quite rapid.

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mada faka,mada faka,please helpme.uon big bedbug like elephant living i mai rum

Sept. 2010 - Dec. 2010: Despite two exterminator visits, recurrence of bed bugs. My guess is that they are living in the walls and moving from unit to unit. Frequently see other apts with furniture outside their door. I would recommend not moving in unless you've confirmed with the landlord that he has fully bombed the apartment.

After the apt was sprayed on 4/22/09 they seemed to be gone. However at beginning of 9/09 they returned. Woke up in the middle of the night with them all over my bed, and saw one fall from the light in the ceiling. Over the next few days i personally killed 25-30 of them in and around my bed/covers.

Roommate saw one crawling on his leg while sitting on the couch at the same time.

Have had to trash: bed, mattress, pillows, couch, throw pillows, area rugs. He and i are both sleeping on in

flatable beds.

Have contacted landlord as well as the building mgr multiple times about this with no response. Reported the problem to 311 and the Housing Authority as well.

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Roommate found bites over the past two weeks. I visibly saw bedbugs in and around his captain's bed. Though I work overnights and sleep during the day, I got bites on myself within a week. I sleep on a futon with a metal frame.

Our landlord was notified and he sent an exterminator (4/22/09) who sprayed all the bed and mattresses and baseboards around the bedrooms.

We have lived in this newly renovated apartment since Dec. '08.

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