22 Wilson Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11237-1932

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Had lived here for about 7 months when I started waking up with itchy bug bites most mornings. At first I thought they were spider bites, but then the number of bites started to increase and the frequency of the bites escalated from every few nights to every single night. Inspected mattress and box spring, no sign of them. Encased mattress and box spring just to be safe. Finally, yesterday, after waking up with at least 6 fresh, itchy bites, I whip back the covers to find a bed bug hiding in one

of the crevices of my mattress encasement, and I am certain there are others.

Landlord called exterminator and they are coming today. They better get rid of them bc I plan on peacing the f out of this apartment at the end of the month and do not want to bring them with me wherever I go.

While helpful and quick to act, landlord does absolutely nothing to maintain sanitation in and around this building. If there is a super, I have never seen him nor heard his name. Trash cans are overflowing and rats and mice running around outside and in the walls. One could see how a dump like this would easily get infested.

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