112 George St
Brooklyn, NY 11237-1906

Found 2 reports:

Many people lived in this place before and it was beautiful until the "Anonymous" lived and we found out that the anonymous that lived there was the one that brought the beg bugs themselves... well the beg bugs and their carriers are gone now... to their new nest I hope they keep it clean otherwise the beg bugs are going to eat them... maybe they like them as pets...

We had bedbugs for nearly 7 months. The landlord didn't even know what they were until we told him and then hired Terminex to eradicate them. After 4 or 5 ineffective treatments we eventually had to pay for a proper exterminator out of our own pocket because the landlord refused to do so. The bedbugs have been gone for about a year now but I wouldn't trust him to deal with the problem appropriately should they ever return.

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