132 Grattan St
Brooklyn, NY 11237-1730

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Bed Bugs are in walls floor everywhere on top three floors. This has been going on for years!!! Tenants stay a year or less and leave. Landlord lets the apartment empty for several mo and bed bugs go back into walls. Then he rents it out again never telling tenants. Your life will be hell !!

this building has had bedbugs for years and the landlord refuses to do anything about it. occasionally he'll allow an exterminator to come to one apartment and attempt to treat it, which is useless, because it's an old building with hardwood floors and the bedbugs generally just flee to another apartment and cause someone misery. this has been going on for years and shows no signs of stopping.

no description

They are in the top floor and possibly the floors below. Most of the tenants are dealing with the problem but be warned if moving in that these will likely living in the wooden floors. The landlord is working on it currently.

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