53 Morgan Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11237-1617

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This happened about a year and a half ago (late 2008). My wife started to complain about marks on her skin and they were getting worse. At that point, i was not getting bitten at all. After about two weeks, i the bb's started to bite me also. After a quick look, i went to the internet and realized we had a case of bed bugs. We threw the bed set but were not very cautious. In btwn, bringing the mattress and the box spring, somebody took the mattress. I still feel bad about it. People should tag t

heir furniture before they bring them out. I learned the wrong way.
Ok. So we washed all the clothes, bed sheets and couch cover with hot water. Basically, we isolated the room with drop cloth and spread powder all over it. We left the room untouched for a week. We cleaned it and moved back to the room with a new bed set. I didn't notice any problem after that.
But yesterday (september 15th, 2010), i saw a mattress covered with plastic, that somebody threw away because of bed bugs, in front of number 55 on Morgan Avenue. So my building had a problem and the building right on our side has it now.

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