327 E 108th St
New York, NY 11236

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Please let me know if there are still bedbugs at this address.....as of June 16 2015
Many thanks

There are bedbugs throughout the building. There is a man in apartment 26 or 28 that has an infestation and won't allow pest control in to treat the apartment. there are unwrapped infested mattresses regulary dragged throughout the building. The landlord won't gell all of the tenants what is going on.

I rent the apartment in this building on May 2011 and I am furious that nobody, not Landlord not the Realty agency, said anything about the bad bugs situation, and the bad bug report was made already in Dec 2010. Apartment was empty when I moved in, so they had chance to clean it and to do whatever was necessary to solve this problem, but instead doing so, they just rent it to me without saying or doing anything. I do believe that all the building is infected and I need to get the hell out of he

re. Now even if they somehow solve this problem in my apartment, it would be just for the short time, because sooner or later bad bugs would find the way from other infected apartments. So my landlord and the Realty company cost me time and money, with moving and cleaning and washing all of my belongings. I have numerous bites all over my body and I am embarrassed to walk outside, because it looks like I have some kind of disease. I can not invite anybody into my apartment and frankly even I try to stay inside as less is possible. So now I it is going to cost me again for moving and washing and I do not want to mention the frustration about this. I am working and I don`t have time to move all over again and do a lot more washing and cleaning , just because somebody don`t give a damn about me and they just care how to get their rent as soon as possible. I think I will need to put this in the court hands.

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There are currently 4 infested apartments in this building. The other tenants have not been notified.

We moved in end of oct '10. the first bites occured at the end of Nov '10. took a while to make contact with PCO, but our landlord was very responsive. Inspection confirmed it dec '10

went home for winter break and couldn't accomplish anything till we returned. Vaccumed, washed and bagged everything as per metropest instructions. First treatment mid Jan '11. found a live one crawling on my bed the next afternoon, but the bites have gone down significantly. Technician said the only place he

saw real evidence was on an outlet on a wall in the living room that is shared with the apt next door. I suspect that may have been the source. We don't know them well, and havent said anything, but any outlet on that wall that is not in active use has been covered with duct tape. I dusted DE + pyrethrin in all the cracks along that wall too.
the follow up treatment is for 3 weeks after the first. I'm not so sure metropest has their facts straight on the bedbug life cycle, but it's been two weeks and it has improved. I'm not even sure i was bitten at all last night ( I can take a while to respond, but ill watch the next few days.)

I don't think the infestation was too bad. hopefully if they did come from the apt next door the duct tape and dust will prevent them

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