750 Ocean View Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11235-6318

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Other tenents on lower floors of this six story apartment building reported infestations. Evidently these buggers know how to use the elevators. It only took about a month for me to get them on the sixth floor.

I never see them in or around my bed, but no doubt I have gotten bitten with the tell-tale two and three bits close to each other, the itching and the welts, but I have yet to find them anywher in the bed cloths or the bed, and believe me, I have ripped the thing apart. But I know

they are there.

I am fascinated that they can get on my body and evidenlty crawl around without me being able to feel them. And with all the blogging about them that I have read, no one seems to say whether you can protect yourself by wearing fairly thick clothing to bed. Can these thing bite thru say sweat pants and shirts? If you were to put thick rubber bands around your wrists and ankles and wear socks and gloves, then at least all of your body would be protected except your face. This semms like a simple temporary solution for your person if you can't kill them in the bigger picture, you could at least protect yourself. Assumming they can't bit you, eventually they would starve and die, no? And also, no one has said if products like OFF that repel other blood sucking biters like mosquitoes will stop them from using you as a free buffet. And lastly, no one has explained how putting your matress in a plasted bag protects you -- assuming you put a sheet over it...you are not sleeping on the plastic, I presume -- so how does the plastic encasement stop them from getting to you? Seems like a seller's scam to me.

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