2775 E 12th St
Brooklyn, NY 11235-4601

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I have been here at this location for 40 years and has had bedbugs three times they are in the walls, and the management refuses to treat the wall and the whole building with heat therapy. There are a least 26 apartment that have bedbugs....Please do not move into this building I had to throw 10 thousand dollars worth or my belongings out in the garbage to see people taking out of the garbage and bringing back into the building. It also a containment problem the management do not supervise or p

rovide a removal/containment company to rid the area of the pest. They have to be contained and burned.

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My roommate and I moved into our new apartment in September and immediately noticed little brown flat bugs. I've never seen a bed bug before so I brushed it aside thinking it was just a regular bug. A few days into moving In the first attack came. My boyfriend was bit 3 times on his side , while watching tv. He takes off his shirt and on the inside we see the biggest bug ever. We kill it and all my boyfriends blood squirts out. This is when I knew we had bedbugs. This is unacceptable. We paid a

huge amount to move in here and we have bed bugs !!! :( I've been Bite over 6 times , and even woke up to a bed bug right next me and noticed a huge mark on my shoulder that has not gone away. I hope it doesn't leave a mark. I cant sleep at night , I'm constantly nervous , and always feel itchy m I know this is psychological but it's not right . I'm in constant fear that I will be bite again . My roommate and her boyfriend has been bite multiple times as well. I bought a brand new bed when I moved in for 1000 and now I fear I'm going to have to throw my bed out, with all my clothes. I cannot afford to move out , we have given 10k in 2 Months just to have bedbugs !! We have about 9 dead bugs collected for proof . The maintenance man came today and told us he has never seen an infestation this bad before. Wouldn't you think the broker would have mentioned this before we moved in? Our super even mentioned that this is a problem in our building so I know for 1000% fact that we did not bring these bedbugs . ESpecially since we bought everything knew and was never bite in our other apartment. I hope this report will help anyone trying to move into this building. If you want psychological torture and pay a huge amount to move in and find bed bugs than this place is for you.

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11-04-14 I found 9 bed bugs over the range of 3 days in my apartment. I have bites all over my body

Killed 7 bed bugs in a matter of one week in my apartment

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