2117 Avenue Y
Brooklyn, NY 11235-2939

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I live a three family house in the Sheepshead Bay area. After living in the apartment for six months, in August 2010 I found out that the 2nd floor rear apartment had had bedbugs for over one year. They migrated into the 2nd floor front apartment where I lived. My wife got a terrible rash. We had to remove all the carpets and mattress. Initially the landlord denied there were bugs, but eventually admitted there had been a problem earlier. The landlord agreed to pay half of the costs, but it was

still very expensive. After the exterminator came and we sealed all the baseboards the problem was under control, but we still saw a bedbug or two at least once a month. I've decided to move. I've sparyed so many chemicals I'm afraid I'll get sick.
After asking the other tenant, it seems that the bugs migrated after they removed his carpet and sprayed his apartment without spraying the rest of the house.

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