874 43rd St
Brooklyn, NY 11232-4106

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Early in March 2009, I started to notice black specs on my sheets. Wasn't to sure what it was. Than one night, as I was getting ready for bed, I caught one on my sheet. That same night, I found one wedged in the crease of my matress and another one on the wall. I called my landlord the next day and my appointment has finally set for this Wedensday. It took almost three weeks to get someone. Luckily, my constant patrol for bugs has kept them away.

We have an appointment with Global Exterminat

ors. Hopefully, they're more professional.

I still plan on moving as I assume my landlord is only doing it on a per apartment basis. So far, two other apartments have vacated within the last two months, hinting to me, I'm not the only one with an issue.

Avoid this building until the landlord can assure you the entire building has been treated.

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