666 39th St
Brooklyn, NY 11232-3102

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woke this morning to find three welts from bedbugs. found one culprit on my bed, squashed it. it ridiculous!! heard another tenant vacuming till midnight...i presume they have them as well.

found this on a random search and felt the need to comment.
clarifying the earlier post on here about the subletter- that post was made by my subletter. (assuming she thought i would get in trouble for it?)
yes, we had bedbugs ( because of our subletter), but between the efforts of my roommate and i and the landlord, we dispatched them in a matter of weeks and have had no problems since.

tenant with bedbugs moved out of bldg leaving the couch etc behind for landlord to dispose of. landlord started construction after throwing out infested furntiure. Now we found them in our apt. They did not seal the furniture in plastic or anything, dragging the bugs through the hall.

rented my room to a subletter over the summer, came back to an infestation.

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