866 3rd Ave
New York, NY 11232-1513

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Checked in on 1/21/2013 into a room on the 25th floor near elevators (BTW, building is currently undergoing some renovations). Saw a few small dried brown flecks on the sheets, but didn't think anything of it at the time. At 1am, woke up with back covered in bites (red, itchy welts). Removed sheets from bed and saw telltale signs on mattress seams next to headboard (like pictures from Google search), saw dried blood feces in nightstand drawer next to bed. Did not see live moving bugs. Immediatel

y reported it to hotel staff, who moved me to the 29th floor. Security and hotel staff both informed me that no bed bugs had ever been reported at this location, that the one incidence that happened earlier in the month turned out to be just lint (probably lies). No bugs or bug signs in the room on the 29th floor, and luckily none made it into my luggage home (well, appears that way so far). This did not seem to be fleas (hotel allows pets) because I usually get a different reaction to those bites. I did not switch hotels due to proximity to work location and the shortness of the visit, but would definitely think twice about staying here again. Stay off the 25th floor!

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