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The situation has been taken care of and the apartment is now bedbug free. I have a certificate from A3 Superior Pest Control attesting to this fact. They treated the apartment and completed a canine inspection on Feb 23 2011. Additionally, the landlord ripped out all the old flooring and has put down brand new floors so if there were any problems with bugs living in cracks in the floor that is also no longer an issue. Also be aware that there were never any bedbugs reported in any of the other

units in the building. This was an isolated event in one particular apartment.

The apartment is super clean and bedbug free.

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Hello, we live in the building next door. can you give us an update about whether your BBs are gone? we are terrified of getting them and wondered if they had spread to others in your building. thanks for reporting on this site, at least you are aware and tackling the issue.

Sorry, I should say the second infestation started about a month and a week ago, so technically it's Winter 2010. Probably around the first week of December. It seemed to coincide with the weather getting cold and the radiator kicking in. I believe they are attracted to the warm apartment.

Fall 2010 -- Second infestation. PCO claims that because it's been over year since my last infestation, that it must be a new one. It's possible that I opened up a bag that had a bedbug in waiting, and released it back into my apartment. Or I brought a new infestation in from the world. Or, because the building is so extremely old, and there are countless cracks in my wooden floor and between the baseboards/wainscoating and the room, that they are in the building and just making their way ba

ck into my warm apartment.

I have had two sprayings, but I just received a new bite last night. What's worse is that there is a possibility I've spread it to my boyfriend's place despite our best efforts to be safe (bagging clothes when I go to his, etc).

I will schedule another spraying, but I have made arrangements to vacate the apartment. It's simply too old and drafty with too many cracks and crevices to ever feel like I can get this problem under control.

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Second floor apartment

Summer 2009 began getting bites, thought it was mosquitoes. Found a live bed bug in late August/early September 2009. Bagged all clothes, boxed all books, called exterminator. They came and sprayed entire place. I did a personal close inspection of my mattress the next day and found two live ones living in the seams - killed them. Sprayed mattress and boxspring with Sterifab and covered with bedbug proof covers. Found a few more live ones - in mosquito

net (threw away), behind a wall hanging. Began sleeping on living room couch (bad idea), they followed me there. Exterminators came in for a second spray. They skipped the living room, claiming to only be authorized to spray one room (turns out that was a lie). Returned to bed, but occasionally dozed off on living room couch and would get bit. Exterminators came back and sprayed couch area. Two weeks later, more bites. It has now been 2 full months since the confirmed sighting, at least 5 months since the first bites began appearing.

One of the main problems with my apartment is that it is very old with many cracks, and the floor is the original 100+ year old floor with many many cracks. Additionally the next lots are undergoing construction, and the resulting foundation shift has caused major structural damage.

Bought a steamer for items and clothing; still hot washing/drying loads; dry cleaning all non-washables.

My stuff remains bagged, I am scheduling my fourth spray early next week, and have bought diatomaceous earth (food grade) to sprinkle into cracks.

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