288 Webster Avenue
New York City, NY 11230

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We moved in August of 2013. Within the first week my roommates and I were covered in bites. I ended up having a conversation with our neighbors, and as it turned out, the old tenants left because of the bed bugs. Both the broker and the landlord had failed to disclose this when we signed the lease (which is totally illegal by the way.)
Our landlord was not responsive to the situation (though he lives downstairs with his kids,) so we took it upon ourselves to have orkin come about three time

s. We were fine for almost a year and a half until they resurfaced this last May. Basically, Orkin told us that the entire house needed to be treated or they would keep coming back. My landlord told me it was too expensive to have them spray, and handed me some powder instead.
Needless to say, this was the final straw. Having an infestation is a problem, but refusing to properly treat it is straight up negligence. My legs are permanently scarred by this bullshit. And from looking at this registry, it appears as though most of the block has them too. Do not rent, or even bother to look at this place.

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