1521 Ocean Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11230-3901

Found 2 reports:

My wife and I broke our lease as well for app. E12. we had to go see our Doctor to get treated as well, We lost our bed and our night stands.

Entire building is infested with bedbugs just like most (if not all) of the buildings on the block. Just look at the reports close-by!!!
I broke the lease literally the next day after i moved in. Me and my wife got "eaten alive" within half hour of going to bed ON THE FIRST DAY WE MOVED IN!!
After talking to other tenants in the building apparantly it's a never ending issue with this building. Most tenants i spoke to either had them a while ago or just recently or a few times within the year

Now i gatta look for another place while living with my wife at my mother's house but that still way better then living with bedbugs.

Will never even concider moving on any building on Ocean Ave period.

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