1438 Ocean Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11230-3860

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I moved into this apt building a little under a year ago and soon after started hearing that some of my neighbors had bed bugs in their apts. One day I found one in my hallway closet...then one on my couch which sits up against a window...before I knew it they were on my bed. I called the exterminator and he came a week later. I caught the problem early and was able to get rid of them without too much trouble. The exterminator himself told me how the building was infested with bed bugs...then ag

ain so the rest of this neighborhood. When I was at the laundromat washing absolutely everything I own (clothing, sheets, towels, rugs, etc...)I ran into another woman who was doing the same. By the way...it cost me a fortune to wash everything I have and the management company wouldn't agree to reimburse me for it.

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