900 Avenue H
Brooklyn, NY 11230-2806

Found 2 reports:

The peoples of the building do not work together to ged rid of this problem. Instead of everyone coming together, they keep it a secret that they have bedbugs. The building is infested and it's time the landlord fixes the problem by admitting it. There is also a problem with many people living in one apartment. This cannot be legal. People come and go and we don't know who they are. They may bring the bedbugs with them. The landlord doesn't tell new tenants either. He is supposed to. There are b

ug and overcrowding problems in this building that need to be fixed.
We have done everything we can to stop the bedbugs from coming into our apartment. It is scary when a neighbor gets them. We don't want them to spread to our home.

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Tenant's have had bedbug infestation 3 and 4 times. Landlord's exterminator is ineffective. Tenants hire their own exterminators. The problem is within the framework of the building and not from individual apartments. Another problem is landlord not informing tenants of problem. Nor does he tell new tenants.

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