1116 Avenue H
Brooklyn, NY 11230-2406

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Tuesday Aug 11 I went to look at an apartment at this address. The Broker was eager and courteous and mentioned there were 4 open apts in this building. I was thrilled to see this apt. A one bedroom in my price range! We went in and I fell for the place. the Broker went to his car to get applications etc. Celebratory, opened the refrigerator, then the cabinets and then the drawers. In the drawer was a dead adult bedbug. i know this because I had an infestation 2 yrs ago. I know what they look li

ke. My heart fell. I picked it up with a paper towel and waited for the Broker to come back in. I then realized two of the apartments were on one above the other. the Broker came back and I told him and showed him. He appeared mortified. I told him I needed to know when this was taken care of etc. He emailed me later that his supervisor was getting in touch with the management company. I never heard back. I found a place elsewhere.

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