1176 Ocean Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11230-1904

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I had bedbugs in this apartment on and off for a period of eight months. Management company sent 'some guy' they knew out to spray the place with chemicals and only offered one follow-up. The inspection was cursory and they only sprayed the baseboards--they wouldn't even check my furniture until I asked and only sprayed the bed frame in the end. Sadly, they employ a company to do regular pest treatments, but the company does not offer bed bug treatments.

I saw a few mattresses near the incine

rator during this time. The 'exterminator' also told me about a few other tenants they had treated who didn't comply with treatment. Many of the tenants are older Haitian immigrants, so I think that not enough is being done to transcend the language barrier and educate all of the tenants.

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