1119 Foster Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11230-1603

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I had a treatment for bed bugs in March of 2010, after having noticed signs of them for several weeks, and then finally getting a good look at big one on my pillow. I haven't seen any since the treatment.

The exterminator told me that almost the entire building was infected.

I'm pretty sure they're unavoidable in the building and that I will have them again at some point.

I lived at this address from 2008-2009 and had a bed bug infestation from October-January. The exterminator came multiple times between November and January, we washed all of our clothes in hot water, bagged clothes, etc. but I continued getting the occasional bite until we moved out. The bed bugs bites were diagnosed by a dermatologist and the exterminator found bugs on our mattress and I believe in the cracks near the wall too.

I started getting bites very randomly around early December—1 or 2 and then nothing for weeks, then a couple more, etc. This month I started to get bites more regularly but did not know when or where I was getting them. In the past few weeks I realized I was being bitten at night & thought it could be bed bugs. I hadn't seen any bugs or the blood stains I've read they leave behind so I wasn't sure. The bites have gotten worse & I decided it couldn't be any thing else & called my landlord

. I have an exterminator coming tomorrow (1/27/10)—when I spoke to him I told him I had lived here for over 2 years & had the same furniture for much longer than that. He said they could come from anywhere—even the subway—but that he had treated other units in my apartment building. Clearly they are just moving from apartment to apartment and I am afraid that they will just end up coming back. Unfortunately he cannot exterminate the whole building, only individual apartments as people make complaints. If you live here—PLEASE check for bed bugs and and the very first sign of getting bitten please call the landlord!

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