294 Webster Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11230-1203

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Moved in to 294 Webster Avenue on December 2011 and after a month started getting bite, didn't even know was bed bugs until I took pictures and sent it to my .bf and she told me was bed bugs....boy was I scared, because I don't know anything about bed bugs until now....so i got on my computer and Google bed bug pics and started to clean like crazy looking for these blood sucking pests only to see a few walking towards my window ledge......I never felt so terrible in my life...i felt like my worl

d was coming to an end because I now have to study to do a whole new set of laundry bag them , check mattress and furniture, and call the landlord and super....who of course said that the building is free of pests....and clearly wanted to make me feel that my sins was biting me.....not that i had so much sins, but.....these people are crazy, after talking to the landlord, the exterminator came the following Tuesday and the same Friday i was a meal again for these pests.....as i wasn't able to move again at the moment i bought all the bed bug spray you could think about and did my apt every weekend because these pests were sucking so much of my blood that they started to behave like me.......not giving up......it's six months now and that's it they overpowered me....I'm gone....i hope that whoever is looking for an apartment to call home please turn the other direction when on Webster avenue.....besides the bed bugs garbage piles up by the doors in the building.....some of the tenants are very dirty people....Im not a racial person but 95% of the tenants are of one race, so clearly i don't belong there cause they are living comfortable with their bugs and dirtyness ......who am i to try and eradicate.....

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294 and 312 Webster Avenue are one building: two units connected by a central courtyard.

Before taking an apt at 294 Webster, I asked about pests. Super and landlord said there were none. The apartment was newly renovated, and seemed ok.

After living here a little while, began to see that the building is very poorly maintained. The courtyard is full of two huge piles of trashbags-- like, 100 or more bags total-- containing what-I-don't-know, maybe building materials, that I thought were

supposed to be thrown out, but seem to be a permanent fixture. A number of the tenants are extremely dirty, and, rather than disposing of trash properly, pile up trashbags and trash against the doors and walls inside the courtyard.

About a month after moving in, discovered bedbugs on my bed around 2 am. Of course, freaked out, and researched and, rather than sleeping, cleaned madly until the morning.

Spoke to the super and a few tenants. Apparently, there have been bedbug outbreaks in various apts throughout the building for the last several years.

Was told that a number of apts probably have them, but 'refuse treatment.' Of course, to solve the problem, all the apts need to be free of them, or they'll just migrate from one to another.

On top of this, was told that the building has an exterminator come twice a month, and I'd just missed them-- so I have to wait for over two weeks until they come again(!)

Apparently, the landlord owns 4 large buildings in the area, and had taken over this one a year or two ago. Called him, and he actually seemed reasonable, and said that he would call the exterminator and ask them to come sooner, and in general was taking steps to repair and upgrade the building. (Though, apparently, he surely doesn't seem to be in a rush to do it!) I reiterated that he needs to get rid of the bedbugs in all the apts at once, or they'll continue spreading.

So, we'll see... Maybe I'll update this posting later. I just spent a broker's fee + first and last month moving in, and cannot afford to move again in the near future. On top of that, if the entire building isn't bed-bug free, there's no guarantee that, after I spend a ton of money and time trying get rid of them, that they won't return again, or that I won't inadvertently take them with me to the next apt(!)

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