303 Webster Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11230-1202

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Well we haven't had the bed bu issue but this building is too damn cold and the better put some heat in this building. I already called 311 on them and it's now a couple of days later and it's still on "open violations" on the HPD website. It is literally 40 degrees I'n my unit and this is bullshit. The landlord Spitzer better start getting his act together.

Visited a friend at this apartment house and stayed overnight. As the lights went out, I felt something on my leg, and upon putting the lights on, discovered it was a bedbug. After much discussion, it was later revealed to me that in fact a tenant on the 6th floor had an infestation, and managed to spread the infestation by bringing his bug-ridden bed clothes down to the laundry in the building, and leaving his soiled sheets on the floor, in the washer, and in the dryer. Now the bedbug infestati

on has travelled throughout the apartment building and bedbugs are being found even on the 1st floor.

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