716 Ocean Pky
Brooklyn, NY 11230-1140

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True #4G was the source and they moved out. The landlord has since sent an exterminator to treat this and all nearby apartments. All apartments are totally clean for months now

bedbugs in apt for last several months (Oct 2010 - May 2011), people horribly bitten. exterminator was there SIX times and still a problem. I think apt 4G was source and they moved out.

2D, this all happened about 3 months ago. what started out as a few bites turned into a S^^tstorm, and everything went downhill, first my mom, then me then my little sister and dad...after showing the super and letting him know what was going on, it was really reassuring to hear "I'll let management know" to then have an unprofessional person (i refuse to call him an exterminator)come into our house at 8:30 in the morning on a sunday with no warning and reassuring us that he only needs to be he

re once and that he'll take care of the problem...thanks for defining your chemical as "special chemical that kill bed bugs"...but the best part was when i bumped into him a week later. I showed him my recent bites, and told him my situation. His answer was one that i wrote down cause you couldn't make up anything better..."OHHH i will get more special chemical to fix bedbugs"it must feel real mushy to step into your own bull...thanks super for your hard efforts, and thanks landlord for putting your depth of pockets over the people that live in your building

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Bedbugs found in two apartments (3H and 4H). Exterminator came, outcome remains to be seen.

For several months this entire building has been infected by bedbugs. Children are walking around with marks all over their body and tenants have been forced to throw out there furniture. Children are at risk of getting sick and families are having to throw away their valubles simply because NO ONE has taken a stand to clean up the entire building. I am going to report this to as many people as I can until something is done. I urge everyone to get online and ask for help. This is your home and y

our children, no one should be living under these circumstances.

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