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Our family moved into the apartment on the ground floor on October 4th, 2014. On the first night we moved in we found a bedbug in the bedroom and I was bitten all over the body so I called the management office the next day. But the maintenance staff that visited our apartment didn’t believe it was a bedbug, which in fact was. The following few days, we found bedbugs in every single room in the apartment. The exterminator came in on Friday and confirmed that there are bedbugs in the apart

ment after looking at the samples we kept.

The night the exterminator left, we started packing and sealing our belongings in plastic bags as recommended by the exterminator to get ready for the treatment. However, on the wall that separates the living room from the kitchen, I found long cracks underneath the molding where bedbugs were crawling in and out from. I quickly sealed the cracks with box tapes and saw the bedbugs getting trapped in it. I believe the molding might be infested. And assuming from the fact that we saw bedbugs in every single room, I am thinking that same case might apply to other rooms as well.

My wife and I, worried about our newborn, spent the whole weekend double-sealing everything in plastic bags and we moved out from the apartment on Sunday the 12th. To make sure to stop the bugs from hatching their eggs, we had to throw away my personal computer, monitor, printer, speaker system, winter coats, kitchenware and so many other things that I can’t even list here that had been placed near the infested wall, following the recommendations from pest control websites. We even had to wash and dry all the clothing we own and seal them in plastic bags.

Yes the management office was willing to help with the treatment. But I can't believe that we weren't informed about the possible danger before signing the lease. I understand that it is very difficult for the management office to keep track of the bugs but I am not talking about just one or two bugs. The tenants have the right to know what they are bringing themselves into. From bedbugregistry.com, I found out that the apartment building had a record of bedbug infestation. I think I should have been warned about this and had I known about the record I would’ve never signed the lease.

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I moved into my one bedroom apt in January 2007. About two/three months later I noticed on the exterminator sheet posted in the building lobby two apartments indicated they had a bed bug problem, both of which are two floors below me.

I immediately starting google-ing to get as much info as I could into these buggers. I had just purchased a $1300 mattress from sleepys so I had no intention on disgarding it. After reading on the trauma these insects cause, I took the first step which was to b

uy a mattress cover. Even though I had no signs of them I didnt want to take my chances.

Cut to August 2008, the bites started. First, as most others do, I believed it was mosquito bites. Since it was summer I figured the likelihood was great. Had some visitors and they too were bit. Now I couldnt shake the idea of "BED BUG INFESTATION". With that said, about a month ago I was making my bed before heading to work and when I lifted the pillow, lo and behold, I see one scurring away. I managed to grab it but instead of keeping it for proof I killed it and flushed it down the toilet. I came to work and called my management company IMMEDIATELY. To make this long story short, it is now October and I have YET to be correctly exterminated, as all sites indicated the extermination should be done. I have been trying my own treatments and although it seems to have isolated the problem, it still very much exists and I have the random bites to prove it. I have been fighting with the management company, URBAN AMERICAN, for weeks about this. I know that this should be nipped in the bud immediately since adult bugs can have 5-10 babies a day but yet no one seems to be on top of this.

The tenants who resided in the apartments that were initially infested have since moved. I believe this is why they have moved up to me. No more ppl to feed on below. You would think since they know about this problem they would try to eradicate it ASAP. I am hundreds of dollars down the hole and yet STILL have the problem. I wish I could move but the last thing I want to do is take these bastards with me. I am thinking about bringing up a lawsuit against the management co. because it is clear, as per HPD's website, they have known about this bedbug problem for several years and do not inform current tenants and/or prospective tenants.

In all my efforts, I have managed to catch three more, one adult and two babies. I just hope that the next time I visit this site I am able to provide good news and how I overcame the nightmare.


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