2502 Avenue D
Brooklyn, NY 11226-7706

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This building has some serious issues with these bugs & to think that since the building is under new management things would get taken care of well.. Little by little I noticed many things wrong besides these bedbugs. Building is crooked itself,mail boxes are mostly opened most of the time,inside apts have cracks & openings in almost majority of the corners where these bugs will live & just turn into an even bigger infestation & ceilings as well. I have been using every spray & powder there is

for this & they still come back. Its terrifying cant even sleep at night just thinking we'll get bit again. If the building is not taking care of this matter,this problem will only get worse for all other apartments that are dealing with the same as well. I have recently seen furniture & mattresses always being thrown away!

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There has been a bedbug problem in this building for a few years now. I had them last year and had to pay for the extermination myself, because the landlord would not respond to my pleas to have them exterminated. I was forced to throw out my sectional sofa and my mattress, and purchase a new one. In all, it costed me over $2000 to rid my home of them. Worse than the actual money I spent because of the bedbugs, is the mental toll it has taken. It has been over a year since the last time I have b

een bitten by a bedbug and I still worry about getting bitten at night. During the infestation, I placed my clothes in bins, after washing them, and I still use them to this day. I can't bring myself to use my drawers anymore. I have managed to keep them from returning to my apartment because my apartment is lined/coated in "bedbug powder" and over a year later, I still can't bring myself to remove it from the edges of my carpet, just in case. You can check with the city about the violations that are currently outstanding against this building. Many of them are for bedbug complaints. They are in random apartments on most of the floors of the building. It is a common occurence to see mattresses in the trash, which is often a clear sign that there are bedbugs. I would not recommend that anyone move into this place, even if the rent seems reasonable.

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