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on october 18 my grandon showed bite marks i right away made a report of bedbugs i bought a pest control spray covered my mattresses with plastic and again found that they are still in his rm. so i emptied all his drawers and watched all his clothes and bagged them..i put in a report and someone will be here on oct.23rd im very upset because my cleaning everyday didnt exclude me from this little critters....help im so paranoide this is the second time in in 9rs. im so upset this going on for so

long that noone is doing anything about it...

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Since around April of the year there where little marks that itched showing up on me and my family. We the realized that it was bed bug when we caught one and googled it. They have totally taken over the apartment and our lives.

My baby got red marks and my daughters also have red marks and every time we visit the doctor she says that they are just insect bites ! Where are these bed bugs coming from?

There was a an encounter in an apartment in August. Apartment is still being treated. When treating apartment, found out that this was not the first case in building. Building still infested.

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