441 Brooklyn Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11225

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We are currently subletting, and within 2 weeks noticed that we had multiple lines of bites on our arms, legs and wrists. The bites are extremely itchy. Upon examining the bed that the owners left for us as part of a furnished apartment, we were horrified to see bedbugs crawling around the seem of the mattress, and deposits of fecal matter.

The bugs were still crawling when we threw the mattress and box spring out, and there were other mattresses discarded outside. City Code requires that ou

r apartment, along with the ones on either side, above and below must be treated. Nothing has been done, leaving the rest of the building at risk for infestation.

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I was sitting down on the floor playing a board game and a bedbug walked right up to my leg. I squished it and it was already filled with blood. The blood came out and it kept moving until I squished it again.

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