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Two months ago, after waking up itchy for several weeks, I found a bedbug crawling on my bedroom floor in the daytime.

I called my property management and they put me in touch with the exterminator. He came, and sprayed/bombed my apartment, and said I wasn't infested as the bed was ok. Then heard from a neighbor that someone on the floor above me had bedbugs, though no one would confirm it later.

After several months of spraying natural products (because I have a dog), vacuuming several

times a week, and thinking the coast was clear, last weekend one of my houseguests woke up with several bites. I have mattress & pillowcase protectors on my bed, so I was puzzled. I flipped over the mattress (I have a platform bed & always tuck in my sheets, don't let anything drag) to find a large bedbug living on one of my bed slats. So while it wasn't infesting the mattress, it was just climbing up over it.

Needless to say, I put Climbup protectors on my bed legs, dusted Diatamaneous Earth everywhere and called the exterminator again. Management had said they will rebuild my bedroom closet (as it's a mess of loose boards & very dark, perfect hiding place for bedbugs), but after two months hasn't happened yet.

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