110 Empire Blvd
Brooklyn, NY 11225-3316

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I live here for over a year, have friends on different floors and never heard of these bedbug. The neighbor upstairs came to me to check and I can't believe it. What is going on and how come? Who has them and I don't. Don't freak me out I l love this place and never had this problem. Is this a rumor. Who are you people?

If you are in the building I advise you to do what I did. Work with landlord and fix the issue. I took care of the floor below and above. If you are on main floor i guess I will have to come to you and fix this matter as I do not want them coming back to any of the floor. I will not have it for sure. I have my place professionally steamed each week. A bit extreme but just in case of case like yours :)) Please come to apt 16 on 11/18/2011 6pm and get help...

110 Empire blvd. Still has bed bugs!!!!!!! Landlord said he will spray himself probably to save money. However, we rather have professionals take care of it.

I moved here then found out about bedbugs. since it a gorgeous place an its a shame to have these beast I am hearing about I decided to take on exterminating the floor in coordination with landlord and make sure all possible bedbugs are gone.I use the company ecologyep.com to take care of the issue. They use strong products follow by professional steaming system to get rid of any potential issue on the floors. This is a prewar building an in nyc so I am sure there is potential everything that I

think now if ever was is taking care of. Our apart 16 is free and is clean as a lab. We love it!

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I lived in Apt. 16 for 1 year (September 08-09). For the better part of that year, we dealt with a constant infestation of bedbugs. We called the city and had inspectors in, but the landlord refused to call an exterminator, instead citing that his super could do just as good a job with a mystery jug of chemicals he would come around and spray. We dealt with bedbugs on and off for months on end, eventually moving out and leaving all mattresses and any other possible havens for them behind.

This building is infested. Avoid it at all costs.

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