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Brooklyn, NY 11223

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Long overdue follow up on Apt. 2A -- After my initial frustrations, management was very helpful in addressing the problem. We had 4 treatments over the course of a couple of months. Management listened to my requests to have the treatments repeated and properly spaced out to break the bedbug life cycle. When I expressed concern over the knowledge and technique of the exterminator who did the inspection and first 2 treatments, they had the company send a different technician who was much more tho

rough. It\'s been 6+ months since this terrible ordeal, and while I hesitate to call it over, I will say that I am 99% sure we are bed bug free. The fact that they took the issue seriously and did not hassle me about it makes me hesitate to rent from any other property management company in this infested city. FYI they go by the names Bronstein Properties and/or Highlawn Associates.

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Apartment 2A -- small bedroom

11/2/07 -- My roommate found bed bugs hiding in her pillow and on her mattress. Further examination of the mattress revealed stains from droppings.

Super said another apartment on our floor (2N) had bed bugs recently, but not an adjacent unit. Property Management notified & inspection appointment arranged.

11/13/07 -- Inspector recognizes that the mattress is probably infested and finds eggs, but without an actual specimen the extermination appointment ca

nnot be set up. He leaves a bunch of sticky traps which the bed bug are supposed to conveniently crawl onto.

11/14/07 -- My roommate traps a bedbug in the evening. Duct tape applied sticky side up to the bedroom entry.

11/15/07 -- Property management notified that specimen has been caught but they fail to make an appointment for us. In the evening we find 10 - 15 crawling around the bedroom walls, ceiling & floor. Mattress sealed & discarded. Bedroom door taped shut on all edges.

11/16/07 (today) -- Extermination appointment made for Monday morning. Will we survive the weekend?

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