164 Russell St
New York, NY 11222

Found 4 reports:

the landlords kids who have criminal records post as "not dick" and other names. This building had been infested with bed bugs for at least 15 years. The slum lords are criminals like their kids. BOZENA SZUMOWSKI and her retarded husband ZIGMUNT did nothing to control or address this issue. THEY BLAMED PETS OLD FURNITURE ETC YET DID NOT FUMIGATE!!!
The place is falling apart. If you still live there then you must be a bed bug! lol...
Go ahead, move in there and see what happens. The whole bloc

k is infested! These buildings are owned by illiterate polish immigrants who bought the properties when they were worthless years ago. They do nothing but hike up rents.

see full report...

Dick you must be living up to your name. I have lived in this building for over 15 years now and ther has NEVER been a problem with bed bugs until you idiots keep bringing in free crap you get off of craigslist!
The landlords are very attentive to the building and you cant blame them for the bed bugs.
The bed bugs are in your stuff not the landlords so how do you think that happened???????
Keep blaming someone else for your problems, DICK!!

this building has been infested by bedbugs since 1999! they did not come from next door, they started there. The slumlords BOZO AND SICKMUND SZUMOWSKI are low life refugee scum. The place was falling apart, they fixed nothing and lied to us when we moved in about the bedbugs.

They are criminals, and so are their children, REAl criminals, look them up.

bunch of bedbugs came from the next building and was taking over our building too.

No nearby bug reports