239 Kingsland Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11222-4304

Found 4 reports:

I lived in 1L from 9/2008-11/2009 and in Sept of 2009 our apt was infested with bedbugs. We had an exterminator come out 3 times and were still finding them. After dealing with it for 3 months we broke our lease and moved. The landlord could not even be bothered with the fact that the WHOLE building was infested and the whole thing should have been fummigated at once, and kept insisting that it would go away. When we finally broke our lease he only gave us half of our security deposit. Then a mo

nth later, a friend who was looking for an apt was shown the same unit I had moved out of. When my friend informed the broker that I had lived there and that there were bedbugs in the building the broker said that the owner had not disclosed that information to him and he was sorry. Needless to say, she didn't take the apt.

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Apartment 2R also has bed bugs (every apartment except one in this building has been infested at this point).

Apt 3L also has bedbugs.

2 apartments in the building (1L and 2L) have bed bug infestations.

No nearby bug reports