190 Nassau Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11222-4106

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After hearing about my downstairs neighbors bedbugs and subsequent spraying, i assumed, incorrectly, it was a freak occurrence and i would be safe. i don't react to bites, so i didn't notice i had bedbugs until my girlfriend stayed over one night and work up covered in bites. i pulled back the box spring and was horrified to discover my bed completely infested. i've had the place sprayed (and nearly killed my cat in the process... thanks exterminators), but i have the nagging suspicion that they

're still around. learning that a tenant moved out of this building because of bedbugs isn't helping things... i love this apartment, and i really don't want to have to leave. it's me vs. the bugs here, wish me luck.

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Moved in to a this building in April, and found bed bugs a few months later. the only reason we didn't find them in April is because neither me nor my girlfriend react to the bits. we went on vacation and my girlfriends sister stayed in our apartment one night and reacted to the bits and we found we were totally infested with bed bugs. We call the landlord and got sprayed, when we talked to the exterminator he told us he had been there before. we talked to the other tenants and they told us the

person who moved out of our unit moved because of the bugs.

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