646 Leonard St
Brooklyn, NY 11222-2906

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As the landlord of this building for 27 years, I would like to clarify that the tenant sublet the apartment against our advice and without our support or approval.
There had never been an issue with bedbugs in the apartment or in the building. The prior tenant had lived there for 12 years or for that matter with this tenant who had already lived in the apartment for one year with a small child and who spent all day working from home in the apartment. The tenants they sublet to had just come

in from an overseas trip with suitcases in tow and reported a problem almost a month later when the second rent payment was due to the occupant of record. There was no rent paid that month by the subletter to the tenant of record.
Judge for yourself.
The issue was dealt with promptly and there have been no reports since. The subsequent tenant has been living there for one year with small children and is a stay at home mom.

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We had to sublet our apartment over the summer and after a month the new tenants called to give us the news: there were bedbugs in our bed. This was late June 2010.

We have had professionals with dogs coming in to treat the problem and so far so good. They didn't actually find any bugs but the dogs smelled them on our bed and sofa. There was one fecal stain on the wall by the bed but no signs of a serious infestation.

The landlord payed half of the treatment.

We have absolutely no idea

if they just got in or if we had them all along.

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No nearby bug reports