132 Greenpoint Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11222-2202

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I was in the apartment occupied by Dane Owen, the guy who made this complaint. We never had any problems with any bugs whatsoever; in fact, I think that this guy Dane Owen had some rent problem with the landlord and so he resorted to this petty nonsense.

The address is wrong. The address for this location is 128 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn, New York

This building has several furnished apartments for rent. I was moving my company to NY and decided to rent a 4 bedroom apartment from them for two months to allow employees to move to NY without worring about a place to live right away. They charged $4800 per month.

I noticed bites right away but thought they were mosquito bites. After showing the bites to a friend they recognized the pattern of bites and said we might have bed bugs. I later was able to find several bugs and notified the

landlords. The first response was to say "Again". Later the mantinence people tried to blame us for bringing the bugs. It took over a week of complaining and reporting them to the city for them to do anything about the bugs. Some of the beds had bug covers but had holes in the covers, and other mattress's had no covers at all.

We planed to move out of the building at the end of the first month, but the landlord said the apartment on the 4th floor did not have bugs and we moved upstairs. That apartment was even more infested than the first.

In the second apartment they did not even bother to try to have the apartment treated. On the last day there the were putting on new sheets for the next renters.

I took lots of photos if anyone doubts this story.

To this day they have not even returned our deposit.

The names of the landlords are Lawerence Loh and Eva Lai.

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