97 Greenpoint Ave
New York, NY 11222-2201

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I am living in 99 Greenpoint Ave., one building over from the 97 Greenpoint residence. I awoke this morning with approximately 40 bedbug bites and found live bugs on the surface of my mattress (under the sheet). We had not witnessed bugs before this occurrence.

My roommate is bagging all of her fabric items in plastic and encasing her bed in a plastic mattress cover. My room will be treated professionally on Monday. I too am bagging all of my belongings in plastic, after thoroughly wash

ing and drying (high heat) all of my clothings, bedding, and drapery.

I don't wish this on anyone, even my worst enemy!

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please delete previous report. It was meant for 97 Green St.
However, tenants from that address already have posted regarding the problem.

This building has had bedbugs since April 2007.

My neighbor gave me permission to post this. Basically the guy downstairs (he's on the third floor...6 apts total in building) said he had found a bed bug one day on his pillow. The bug was captured and confirmed by an exterminator.

He found no bite marks, blood stains, excrement, etc. on his bed.

His apartment will be sprayed for the first time (of two scheduled times) this weekend. My neighbors on this floor are doing a preventative spray at the same time. I'm trying to convince my land

lord to pay for a prevention spray in my apt. as well.

It sounds like the very beginning of an infestation, so maybe it won't be TOO bad.

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