149 India St
Brooklyn, NY 11222-1701

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My name is Agnes and since January 2010 is a nightmare to live in my apartment at 149 India str in Brooklyn. I never had any contact with bedbugs before in my entire life and suddenly I was beaten by something I was not aware of. I was up at 4am for a week in January and I noticed red spots on my body. I was thinking that it might be an allergic reaction from some food I ate. But after few days I got more red spots on my body and on my face. My face was swollen the next day and I suddenly c

ouldnt breath and my heart rate was 130 per minute. I was dizzy and felt like I am going to die. I went to a doctor right away and she said that this looks like bedbugs bites and that I have an allergic reaction from this. I was in panic and when I came back home from doctors office I started checking my mattress for bedbugs and I found them. I throw out a mattress, a bed frames carpets etc all I could. I called 311 and I called my landlord to tell him about the infestation so he said that I made up the story from spite. I called 311 few more times and when inspector came I showed him bedbugs in a ziploc bag. My landlord again said that it is not true that there are bedbugs in the building. The whole building is infested. My neighbor from apt 2R found many of bedbugs in her apt. Also people from apartment 4R throw out sofa mattresses furniture etc. I called 311 again and my landlord came with exterminators (they were idiots) which they just checked my sofa for 5 minutes and they wanted me to show them scars on my body from bedbugs bites instead of thoroughly inspect the apartment. Since that time it was in April 2010 nothing was done. No spraying nothing. I bought some chemicals and sprayed myself. The building is very dirty and neglected. No repairs was done for the last 60 years. I asked my landlord to renovate and repair cracks and he is just ignoring me and other tenants. It a psychthriller for me because I dont know when bedbugs will attack again...I am afraid of it and I am living with paranoia checking for them every single day with a flashlight and a magnifying glass.
Thank you.

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Bedbugs infest all of 3rd floor apartments here. Landlord is unresponsive.

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