74 India St
Brooklyn, NY 11222-1655

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We had bedbugs in Apt. B14 twice, both times were serious infestations. Both times management took inadequate measures to correct the situation (sending the super once with over-the-counter bedbug spray). The first infestation (2006) was dealt by my old roommate; he used a few professional products over 6 weeks to get rid of the bugs. They stayed away for a year, then came back again. That time we got an exterminator and paid for it ourselves. It took 3 months for them to be fully eradicated.

If you move into the Astral Building, caulk up the cracks along the wall and around pipes because this is how they get in; we actually saw some coming in from upstairs through a crack around a pipe. We did this and haven't seen any bugs since.
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My elderly mother-in-law's apartment in a senior housing complex (Friendship Station) was infested with bed bugs. It was treated 3 times during the month of September 2007. She had to move out for the entire month. Management claims that there were no other apartment affected, but I find that hard to believe. She started to complain of itching about 2 months after she moved in. The address is 1212 Odenton Rd Apt 201, Odenton MD 21113.

Just wanted to concur that the building is, indeed infested. Our floors and walls were refinished before we moved in and that kept them away for awhile. And then I found a molted skin in my bed four nights ago. Working to get the situation resolved now--but mostly just to make sure my belongings are bedbug-free when I leave. They will come back because they just move down the pipes to another apartment when an area is treated. Do not move into this building--no matter the cute little arched

windows. Landlords don't seem interested in really getting rid of the problem.

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The whole building is infested.

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