1030 Manhattan Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11222-1316

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I wrote the above report. Just an update to say that my management company is sending someone tomorrow. Bed bugs suck (literally), but I think it'll be fine with an attentive landlord/management company!

Lived here for almost 3 years and this is the first time I've noticed a bed bug problem. Vaguely remember being bit by "mosquitoes" while sleeping last summer, but this summer it got really bad and I was getting 5-12 bites per night.

I don't think the infestation is too bad yet - only found one on my mattress and put a case on it. Since then we've just been washing and spraying. I'm still being bit though so we need the big guns. Called the building's management company tonight and hope t

hey will help us with extermination. I am moving in a couple months and it's important to exterminate a few times before moving to prevent taking the a-holes with you.

I can't believe how infested Greenpoint/Williamsburg is right now. Extermination for bed bugs needs to be mandatory!!

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