117 Huron St
Brooklyn, NY 11222-1311

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bed bug infestation at 1108 manhattan avenue (above champion coffee). 3rd floor and 2nd floor both infested. ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE. renters beware! lady on 2nd floor had bugs for 6 months and did not report/rectify the problem, and the bugs spread to other floors.

I awoke this morning with approximately 40 bedbug bites and found live bugs on the surface of my mattress (under the sheet). We had not witnessed bugs before this occurrence.

sleepless in greenpoint
Late May 2011 I have realized that the bed bug problem in this building is unstoppable. The last two weeks has been the worst time of my life...waking up EVERYDAY with new bed bug bites. The landlord has had his handyman spray our apartment a couple of times but it's clearly not a professional job. At first I thought it was possibly the furniture in my room but after throwing almost all of it away I now know its the building. I understand that bed bugs can spread quickl

y in an apartment building but that's no excuse to not have a professional come and spray all units. I have been cleaning my room like crazy and using multiple home remedies with little results. I have spent many nights without sleep since that has been the only way I haven't gotten more bites. WHATEVER YOU DO...DO NOT MOVE INTO THIS BUILDING!!!

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Bedbug confirmed perhaps in three apartment in this building. We are looking for a good exterminator for whole building. One apartment 2L is vacant and probably listed to be rented right now so beware.

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