108 Dupont St
Brooklyn, NY 11222-1009

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I moved into an apartment in this building in the winter of 2014 and immediately began to get itchy bumps on my face. I thought I was having an allergic reaction to something in the new apartment and didn't realize that they were bed bug bites until I actually saw one crawling across my bedspread. I had asked the landlord about bed bugs prior to moving into the apartment and he told me that they "hadn't had any bed bug problems in the building for years." When I went to him to have my apartme

nt treated he was very unhelpful. He wanted to use his regular pest management guy who wasn't at all qualified to treat for bedbugs. I contracted someone independently (a really great company... Beach Pest) and subtracted the amount of the treatment from one of my rent checks because I didn't trust my landlord to actually reimburse me. I notified all of my neighbors that I had found bed bugs and literally EVERY person in the building told me that they had recently had a bed bug problem as well. So, my landlord just lied right to my face when he said that the building was clear. After Beach Pest treated my unit I didn't see any further evidence of bed bugs for a full year. This past weekend I found another one on my comforter. I have been extremely careful (caulked all my baseboards, elevated my bed on step-ups, vacuumed regularly) so it's clear to me that the bugs must have infested the entire building and be moving from apartment to apartment. I will be moving out of the building and HIGHLY recommend that anyone reading this who is thinking of renting there not do so. The rent is insanely cheap for the neighborhood but it isn't worth it!

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I lived here in apt 2 from November 2008 to the end of April 2009. I had never seen bed bugs, and thought they were baby roaches.To my horror, I recognized them on an ad on the subway for protect-your-bed sometime in late January. My landlord really did not care that I had them, saying "they're just insects" and did the bare minimum to treat the situation. He had his regular insecticide man treat my apt, who was not at all qualified and did the bare minimum, not even bothering to do anything oth

er than spray my baseboards. My landlord also ignored treating the problem on several occasions, and due to his negligence, the entire building has been infested for years.

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