743 Bushwick Ave
New York, NY 11221-2520

Found 2 reports:

I live in the second floor beneath these guys.

The above tenants were noisy and disrespectful, and they trashed their own apartment. We watched a lot of questionable shit go down:

On one occasion they invited approx. 30 people to party in their 2 bedroom apartment, and the intoxicated partygoers jumped up and down so hard that our light fixtures start shaking. When the party was broken up by the landlord's family, some of the guests shouted racist anti-hispanic slurs.

On another o

ccasion, after the hallway had been freshly painted, the 3rd floor gang hauled stuff up and down the stairs and TRASHED the walls, getting marks and color all over the wall. The paint hadn't been dry for more than two days. They also liked to stomp up and down the stairway and shout as they went.

When they locked themselves out - which happened 10+ times over the year they lived here - they would throw rocks at our windows or at their own apartment windows to get someone's attention to let them in. They never bothered to make keys for everyone that lived there. We finally decided not to answer the door or go to the window, and we told them that they would be charged for window damage.

I visited a couple of times on the third floor apartment, and the place was trashed and filthy. Imagine five or six college students who smoke on the front porch, who don't regularly bathe, and who have no concept of cleaning their apartment, and you get the idea.

Finally, during 2009-2010 we dealt with a cockroach issue in our apartment. We can't prove it, but we suspect these guys were responsible. I saw food left out and open in their kitchen when I visited, and one of my roommates who lived here for five year never had a roach problem until these people lived on the third floor. After they moved out, there weren't any more roaches.

Bottom line: I am skeptical that these guys didn't actually bring bedbugs themselves. I think there's a little psychological projection going on here.

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Date of first sighting: 06/23/10
Location: Third floor apartment
After reporting initial sighting to landlord, she was hesitant to take proper action(hire exterminator, report problem to registry, inform other tenants), even asking us to pitch in money for the fumigation services. This incident was the last straw for us at this apartment, and we moved out by that weekend never to return.

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