350 65th St
Brooklyn, NY 11220-4928

Found 2 reports:

Apartment 14P in this building has a terrible case of bed bugs. They are an elderly couple and apparently unable to comply with all the prep work that needs to be done prior to an extermination, which reportedly has already been done in their unit.

The situation has become so dire that live bugs are now visible in the hallway directly outside their door and along their apartment wall. A specialist in bed bug extermination and "thermal remediation," with years of experience in the field infor

med me they have never seen bedbugs in an apartment's hallway before, outside the actual infested unit. It is a very clear indication of a major infestation in that apartment.

Management is just not doing enough to hire competent professional help to contain and get a handle on this problem. They have also not done enough to alert and educate the floor's other tenants on how to protect themselves. I would never have been told if I did not recently wake up with an allergic reaction to a bite, and call the office immediately the following day.

I feel traumatized, overwhelmed, depressed and betrayed--unsafe in my own bed and once quite comfortable home.

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Recurring bed bug infestations for over a year beginning in Summer 2010. We have had multiple professional treatments but to no avail! The problem turned out to be in more than our apartment even though management denied this being so- it's a terrible, hopeless situation! Without cooperation from the building management, bed bugs are here to stay, multiply and spread!

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