6623 Ridge Blvd
Brooklyn, NY 11220-4827

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I went through this twice in this building and can not tell you how grossed out I was. If I had the money I would have moved out. I love my apartment but this put a strain on my life and sanity.Not to mention all the money it cost to have curtains and rugs cleaned and a new couch and box spring.

Currently have bed bug problem hopefully under control. I was told I was only the second case in 20 years!!! I know of 7 cases, but the landlord denies this. People toss out boxsprings and super kicks them down the stairs without any concealment cover!! I met someone on the elevator and they said they had them 7 months ago, bringing the total to 8 apts who will admit to having them. I guess everyone starts at #2 in 20 years, so officially there are only a case per decade. Baloney!! Check you

r wall cracks with a hot hairdryer. check out the nyc website and type in bed bugs. There is a great tutorial that shows exactly where to look and how to coax the little devils out. The City needs to crack down on what landlords are required to do. All apartments should be inspected. How else are we going to get over this epidemic.

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April 2010 - An apartment was infested with bed bugs. Building management denied there was a problem in the building prior to this apartment reporting the issue, later came out that 6-12 months prior the apartment next door had an infestation too!

2 cases of infestations in 2009; 4 cases of bed bug infestations in various apartments at this 60 apt complex, Landlord has an exterminator who just treats bed and furniture infested. Nothing else cause beds to migrate from apartment to apartment.

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