245 67th St
Brooklyn, NY 11220-4823

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We were informed by the landlord, Ceebraid, on August 28, 2010 that our apartment would receive three treatments by an exterminator for bedbugs, We have bedbugs in this apartment for almost 1 year, as far as I know. The landlord and the exterminator were very reluctant to officially state that there are bedbugs in the building, attributable to "confidentiality"; however, the exterminator said that infested apartment/s adjacent to ours necessitated treating a specific area above and around the ef

fected apartment/s. The City of New York department of health is useless (no surprise!!!!!!!!!). I was told by a Mr. Brown-Madolla (Director of Environmental Inspections)of that office that the landlord has no responsiblity for informing tenants of bedbug, rat, roach infestation and that if a tenant wants to make a report he needs to bring a sample bedbug in a jar to his office which I did.Tenants have a right to know if their house has bedbugs, and the New York State legislature has a bill pending that will require NY landlords to inform tenants of bedbugs going back five years. We need that law. We can't put up the most aggressive fight against the bugs if we're not informed. Call your local and state representative...and organize with other tenants.

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