3821 18th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11218-6102

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Its an ongoing problem in this building and NO ONE wants to speak up but i'm going to be the voice in this building. I first noticed the bug in March of 2008 and something about it just bothered me cause I have no mice and no roaches. I killed the bug and went about my bussiness. The next day I found another one so I went on the computer to do research and realized it was a bud bug. I then called the landlord and posted notes in the building. One neighbor told me that she had in infestation in J

uly of 2007 and the landlord did nothing about it. She got her own exterminator. long story short I have been fighting these bugs for 9 months now and got extermimated 4 times already and the bugs just keep coming back. I lived her for 6 years and never had no problems until now and this is my BIGGEST problem... New tenants beware and stay away.!!!

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