669 E 5th St
Brooklyn, NY 11218-5806

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I moved into apartment 30 mid July 2009 and three weeks later started getting big welts all over my body. I thought I was having an allergic reaction and went to an allergist who informed me that they were insect bites characteristic of bed bugs. I inspected my mattress and boxspring and lo and behold found bed bugs on them. I bought encasements for them to prevent any further spreading of the vermin but continued to get bit. I contacted the management office and the manager came over and spraye

d around the apartment which did not help. The following week the manager got his exterminator to come out and spray which also didn't help, so he returned the following day and bed bugs were still alive in the bedroom. The exterminator never did a true bed bug extermination. He just sprayed around the perimeter of the apartment. As I am still being bit I decided to throw out my mattress and boxspring today. The boxspring was covered on the bottom with bedbugs. My neighbor saw me carrying out the bedding and told me that the previous tenants of my apartment were infested with bed bugs, and moved out. My neighbors painted the word bed bugs on my apartment door so nobody would move back in. Apparently my rental manager painted over the apartment door and then leased the apartment to myself and my roommate knowing that the apartment was infested. I have been trying to get in touch with the manager but he is being unresponsive. I have reported this incident to the city by calling 311. I need to get out of this apartment since it is obvious that the landlord is not going to fix the situation. I have also been told by the super of the building that there are other infestations in the building.

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In reference to apartment 27 at 669 East 5th Street, the apartment has been treated for bedbugs and is bedbug free. If you have any questions please contact Harry at 718-436-5888.

In reference to apartment 27 at 669 East 5th street at this time the apartment has been treated for bedbugs and is bedbug free.

We moved into Apt# 27 at 669 E 5th St Brooklyn, NY 11218-5806. Within a month we noticed bite marks and discovered bedbugs around the sheets of our bed.
Since then I have had the exterminator visit. I washed everything fabic in the apartment and sprayed with an insecticide and something else that is non-toxic. The bed bugs keep coming back and are relentless. So, I bought alergy covers for the mattress and put the legs of the bed in large tupperware containers, which keeps them out of the bed.

However we are not safe on the couches. They are supposed to be nocturnal but they must not be when they are hungry. They are nearly impossible to get rid of permanently.

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